Creation of the Program

Corn and volcanoes —
the basics in Guatemala

corn stalks with a volcano cone in the distance

The intensive English program at Hogares Guadalupe children's home in Santa Apolonia is the fruition of a long-cherished vision.

For many years, the directors of Hogares Guadalupe have expressed a desire to have English-speaking visitors to the children's home deliver English language classes to interested residents of the home and members of the surrounding community.

Mary Pat Clasen, a group leader for visitors to Hogares from Shorewood High School in Shorewood, Wisconsin, pursued the idea with the Hogares director, Sister Argelina Marroquin. It was agreed that a high-impact program needed teachers with training and time. The concept of a one-month intensive program with volunteer EFL teachers took shape. 

During the winter of 2010, the program design and goals were developed, and potential donors and volunteers were contacted. By spring 2010, sufficient donor support was secured for travel expenses for four teachers, and four qualified teachers had committed to participate. By fall 2010, the teachers had developed materials and traveled to Santa Apolonia. The program was launched with its first session on October 26, 2010.

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