2011 Program

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The 2011 program ran from October 24 to November 18. It served approximately 70 students, including Hogares Guadalupe residents and members of the community. This year there was an increase in the number of participants both from the orphanage and from the community.  

Young Adult / Adult Program


  • 31 residents of Hogares Guadalupe and Santa Apolonia participated. 
  • 28 students were able to complete the program. Some others participated for just the first two weeks, because of schedule conflicts with internships for their regular school program. 


  • Mary Pat Clasen, former ESL instructor at UW-Milwaukee.
  • Katy Auchter, Adult ESL teacher/intern. Katy holds a certificate in ESL, as well as a bachelor's degree in music, and interned with the FOCAL SKILLS Intensive English Program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee before joining the program in Guatemala. Katy continues to volunteer as an elementary English teacher at Casa Guatemala in Rio Dulce, Guatemala.
  • Bryan Rogers, music teacher. Bryan studied music at Columbia in Chicago. He has worked as a professional musician with a band and gives music lessons in piano and guitar.

Younger Students' Program


  • 40 residents of Hogares Guadalupe and Santa Apolonia, ages 6-12.
  • The students were divided into two classes by age, with 20 students in each class.


  • Pam Miller, former Bilingual Education teacher in Milwaukee Public Schools. Pam taught the first two weeks of the program.
  • Molly Hayes, Elementary ESL teacher/intern. A four-time participant in the cultural exchange program between Shorewood High School and Hogares Guadalupe, Molly assisted Pam Miller during the first two weeks of the program, then took the lead during the last two weeks, under Mary Pat Clasen's guidance.

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